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Surprise We're Here!!!!

We had just launched our most recent sale, when I got an inquiry from a young woman named Amanda. We chatted for a bit and she told me all about a small, Boston City Hall elopement that she wanted photographed. Aubri and I were ecstatic as we loved photographing in a large city, and what better place than in Boston, right across from Faneuil Hall.

As we discussed the fine details, Amanda mentioned that she was not the bride, but rather her sister in law. The bride doesn't like her photo being taken, but Amanda was confident that the bride, Jaclyn, would eventually want photos of her big day.

I paused for a moment and then replied,".... Oh... well... we've never done anything like that, but why not, I just can promise any images if she kicks me out".

Luckily, Jaclyn did not kick us out, and by the end of it all she and Amanda were laughing about it. We were able to take amazing photos of their day. Congratulations to Jaclyn and Josh for tying the knot at Boston City Hall.



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