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An Unexpected Gift

Rewind back to March 2017. My birthday. The singing was over the cake had been served and it was time for gifts. My Aunt got me my favorite tea that they don't sell up here in Maine. My parents gave me a gas gift card ( my father works for a company that sells gas) and my grandmother crocheted a pair of mittens. later that nigh, Kate handed me her gift, it was just an envelope, which was strange because she tends to be the hopeless romantic, over the top type when it comes to gifts. "Open it," she said excitedly as if she was hiding something. I read the card and looked up at her. "There is more in the envelope," she exclaimed. I looked again and there was a small folded up piece of paper. On it read " I know it is far away, but in July of 2018 I got a showing for your photography in Bagel Central, downtown. I froze, I was too excited to do anything else. As a little girl one of my goals was to have my art in a show.

Fast forward to last weekend. The moment was finally here. The anticipation can only be compared to standing at the end of the isle waiting for the music to begin on my wedding day, or waiting to find out that I was having a boy. After this not only would I have married my best friend, given birth to an amazing kiddo, but my career goals were being met; I had just opened my own business and now I was going to have my work on a wall other than just in my living room. I could not be more grateful to Kate and more excited to enjoy my work while grabbing brunch at bagel central.

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