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Alissa and Kyle's Wedding (Bugs and Bites)

Aubri and I built our business on the premise that every couple is unique, and that it is the small moments that matter. At each wedding we photograph, we share a moment with the couple that is what makes their wedding special for us, as vendors and solidifies a connection to their day. With Kyle and Alissa there were several.

I’m sure by now you are sitting at home reading this saying to yourself… yeah yeah that’s nice but what about the bugs… your title promised bugs. I will own that I am deathly afraid of spiders and tend to prefer animals bigger than a golf ball with a maximum of 4 legs, however the bride Alissa loves bugs, and even rescued them from certain death on several occasions. She desperately wanted to have photos with bugs in them. So, out of the goodness of my heart, I took one for the team…..

and…………..well…. I sent Aubri to take photos of lots of bugs.

Kyle’s moment came when we were discussing when we should eat to ensure that every moment was captured from their big day. After determining that the beginning part of dinner was the best timing I said to the newlyweds “ you wouldn’t want photos of guests shoving food in their mouth anyway.” And without missing a beat Kyle responded. “ Wait what did you not see that request, they are the only photos I want.” So Kyle this next one is just for you!!

We are so glad that we got to share special moments with Kyle and Alissa as they celebrated their love with family and friends from around the globe. Hope you are enjoying married life and that you love your sneak peek!!




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