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From Humble Beginings

Neither Aubri or I ever expected to become professional photographers. Sure we had a shared interest in photography, and individual experience seeing as how we came from families where you couldn't escape the sight of lens, but professionals?? " No not us!"

You see, it all started when we got a new computer and were saving all of our old photos onto a hard-drive before getting rid of the old one. We came across images that we had taken years ago. Aubri found Macro photos from a class she took while completing her fine arts minor in college, and I found images from a trip to Asia that changed my world. So we posted them on Facebook, excited that we were able to share this artwork and these memories with our friends and family. Within just a few days we had people commenting about how amazing our photography was and how we should "do this professionally". We each had years of personal experience behind a lens, and had worked in various post production platforms, but we couldn't do this professionally. Haven't you ever heard of the starving artist?!

We laughed about it and moved on, back to school work and our kiddo.

But about a week after the pictures were posted we had friends reach out to us saying that they were looking for a photographer to do some family images of them. They asked if we would be willing to do it since we already knew them. Aubri and I thought about it, and finally I said to her " well they are your friends, and I wouldn't charge them, so whats the worst thing that could happen."

Fast Forward 2 weeks. Were at our very first photo session. We both acknowledge how anxious we were now, but at the time we did a great job of pretending not to be nervous. The family was so grateful to have us there, and so excited to see the finished product. They were easy to work with and had amazing smiles. When the shoot was over we ran to our car and started clicking through the images on our screen, checking to make sure we got the images we wanted; a tradition that has failed to cease. After 5 minutes of silence we glanced up at one another and said. " I think we did okay". We didn't know it yet but we were hooked.

Something about capturing a moment in time, smiles and laughter was invigorating. Even editing their images was fun, particularly playing with bright blue boots and selective color.

It is no surprise that when I saw a friend post on Facebook that she wished she had chosen to do professional photos of her elopement that I offered to do a bridal style session for her. Again, it was a friend who knew I had no professional experience, so what was the risk. During the session, we had a blast, and she loved her images!!

We began to carry our cameras everywhere we went. One Sunday morning we were photographing at the farmers market, just for fun. While we were messing around a farmer came up to us to ask if we were professionals.

We told them we had done a few photo sessions together but were just starting out . We showed them some of our work, and just like that we booked our first paid gig. We were blessed with the opportunity to take photos and create advertisements for the market all summer. At this point we decided that maybe this was a career option for us.

Somehow, we went from 2 women with cameras, an education in photography, and passion, to photographers. We spent the summer photographing everything we could, offering portrait sessions and pushing ourselves to be better photographers as we turned this from merely a hobby to a business venture. And sure enough that winter booked our first wedding.

Fast forward again, and here we are years later with a successful photography business, doing what we love every day.



Bangor, ME 04401, USA
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