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Buzzing Bees

Behind the scenes at a wedding is best compared to a bee hive. When bees build a hive they perform ritualistic dances as they slowly build the honeycomb and signal to each other where to find the best nectar. Similarly to bees ,wedding vendors spend most of the day in silent communication, and sometimes a little dancing too!! They work hard to help each other ensure the day be stress free for the bride and groom, and run smoothly and on time.

This past month we were had the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of videographers and a DJ who were all incredibly talented. On top of our "assigned duties", we assisted with decorating the venue, transcribing vows, bug spraying between the layers of tulle of her dress, and shouting grass stains out with our "wedding emergency" kit.

Ben and Grace of Novae Film and Photo worked alongside us, as one team ensuring that we all got the angles we needed while not interrupting each other. Weaving between guests and using hand signals to one another we captured the day beautifully. Cori of Happily Ever After Entertainment Design worked hard to make sure that we were all on time and used specific songs as cues to help us be sure of when all of the special moments were on their way. Even the caterers of 302 West worked to help set the stage for the most beautiful day possible. Their team worked with us and the video team, to set the stage and create the atmosphere of the day rather than just to fill the mouths of the guests. Many people assumed we were part of the same company and worked together every weekend. But in all reality it was the first time many of us had even met. The key to a wedding running smoothly is all being invested in the couples happiness and creating a team as vendors.

I am so excited to work with each of these companies again as we all dance the dance of creating successful weddings.

(Selfie Credit to Cori of Happily Ever After Entertainment Design- Thanks Cori)



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