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10 Things We Wish our Wedding Photographer Told Us

Hello All!!

Today is My and Aubri's second wedding anniversary. In honor of remembering our own big day, we are posting 10 important things we wish someone had reminded us of that day. ( Plus its an excuse to share photos of our big day with you. )

1. The only people who are going to know if something goes awry, are you, your vendors, and those closest to you.

When my father first told us this, we didn't believe him and Aubri got so angry. But turns out he was right! We had a dropped cake, forgotten ceremony reading, missing tables, late arrival times and a dress that was too big. In the moment we were in a tizzy but to this day people talk about how our wedding was flawless and they have never seen a wedding go so well. (If only they knew).

2. Ask your vendors for referrals.

We always recommend asking vendors for referrals, and are more than happy to refer pro's that we have worked well with before. Vendor connection is incredibly important. This is particularly true for photography teams and videography teams. ( We always recommend Novae Film and Photo, to work beside us as videographers). The best photographer and best videographer can be working on your wedding but if they do not connect you wont get the best quality work. The wedding day schedule, capturing moments, and keeping guests happy is up to your vendors; the better they can work as a team the better your wedding will be.

3. Tell us about yourself, and learn who we are.

How did you meet? What do you like to do together? What is the funniest thing that you have ever experienced together? What makes you laugh? What are you nervous about on your big day? How often are you in front of a camera? These are all things that we appreciate knowing. They help us to get to know you and how to help you feel comfortable and natural with us on the day of your wedding. The more we know about one another the more relaxed and natural you will feel with us taking photos. A connection with us is just as important as a connection between vendors.

4. We don't hate lengthy photo wish lists, or pinterest vision boards.

While we can never guarantee capturing every image on the list, we would rather have someone create a list than not. This gives us a guide to the specific combinations of people you want and insight into your photographic style.

5. How to "naturally " pose

Everyone wants to look their best on their big day and in the photos afterward. As photographers its our job to help you look your best. This is why we work with couples either during their engagement session, or the early part of the wedding to do a mini posing class. This also helps a couple learn how we will be communicating with them the remainder of the day.

6. Breathe... now breathe again.

Not once have we shot a wedding where I haven't said this to someone. Not because of nerves and anxiety, but because when people pose in front of a camera we freeze, and forget to breathe. Once you breathe photos appear natural and relaxed; even if it isn't the perfect yearbook photo smile.

7. Hydrate

So many people forget to eat and drink on their wedding day. Hydrating and staying well nourished not only help you to feel your best and keep up with the day; but are great for your complexion and the "fresh" look people want in photos.

8. We are here to make your day run smoothly.

Yes, you did hire us a photographers; and yes we do spend most of the day running around you snapping photos. BUT we are also there to help with any little last minute things you may need. Your happiness on the day of your wedding is what is most important to us. And for us that means anything from rewriting your vows, to cutting your cake, sewing the bride into a dress or laying upside down on the floor to get the shot.

9. That's what we have post production for!!

So this may sound overly bold and like a strange remark. But its true. Despite how hard we work day of there are variables we cannot control, such as the weather, or the locations or timing of other vendors. Sometimes we need to leave it to the world of post production. But remembering that we have literal editing magic in our hands also takes the pressure off of you. Just be who you are and enjoy your day. Let us do the rest.

10. Take time for just the two of you, and to enjoy each other

Weddings fly by so fast, and the number one thing I hear from couples is we barely got to see each other all day. Trust me I have a large family, and everyone wanted to see me that day, but in running around to see everyone, don't forget each other. We recommend sweetheart tables, so you have time to chat during dinner, and scheduling in 15 minutes for you just you and your photographer. This allows us the opportunity to give you a break for just a few minutes and enjoy and appreciate one another, while we secretly photograph the more intimate moments shared between the two of you.

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