As photographers and designers Kate and Aubri have a combined 15 years of experience behind a camera. Whether its a child discovering something new, the way newlyweds look across a room at one another, or the glow that maternity brings capturing these moments brings us great joy. We work with our clients to create a comfortable environment, where they at times forget that we are there photographing. The more laid back natural setting is what allows us to uncover a person/couple/family's individuality and personality. Each of our photographers has a unique style and skill-set to contribute to the photo session.  Aubri's artistic background and Kate's creative storytelling combine to create a set of unforgettable memories. We believe that it is this dedication and creativity that distinguishes us from other photographers. We strive to capture moments when no one is looking, hearty laughter and smiles that light up the room; and well do just about anything to get the photo, including trenching knee deep in a mucky lake, up a 12 foot ladder, laying upside down on the ground and climbing trees.


Aubri first became interested in photography while following her "Grampy Ray" around as he photographed every family event.  Since then she has dived into photography as an art form and has completed a minor in fine arts.  Her formal education has led her to become incredibly detail oriented and to constantly be analyzing new angles for a photograph to be taken from.  Her goal is to capture images that are unique in at least one way. She also specializes in Macro photography ( taking up close images of small things). 


Kate also took an interest to photography at a young age learning from her mom as she took a portraiture and still life photography class.  Over the years Kate would watch her mom take images and then edit them in adobe photoshop.  Kate spent years teaching herself the ins and outs of the art form.  Her goal  tell a story when she photographs. What are the people in the photo thinking, doing, feeling?  Her photography style is photo-journalistic, as she creates connections with clients telling their story through images, 1000 words at a time. 

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